Home Music Wizkid called the country’s government a joke

Wizkid called the country’s government a joke

  • They want to know if he’ll ever consider politics too.

Wizkid for president? Some people won’t mind

Things happen in Nigeria that just make you react one way or another, and Wizkid was feeling the comic side of things when he tweeted that the country’s government is a joke.

The pop star’s comment got people talking, with some agreeing, others disagreeing and few more wondering if he’d consider being president and what would happen if he actually did.

  • This person cautioned him on making such comment, though.
  • Just because this could happen.
  • But then, Buhari wouldn’t try that now even though he did with Fela back in the day.
  • Regardless, some saw nothing wrong with the comment.
  • That said, the political angle was explored further.
  • Some would love Starboy as president just for the legalisation of weed.
  • Which would lead to other good things and less of a need to go abroad.



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