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Video: Donald Trump Fire Back at Eminem on ‘SNL’


Video: Donald Trump Fire Back at Eminem on ‘SNL’

While the real Donald Trump wasn’t baited into a war of words after Eminem ethered him on his BET cypher, Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump didn’t think twice before firing back at the emcee on Saturday Night Live.

To start the 43rd season of SNL, Alec Baldwin was given free reign to once again make fun of President Trump in the show’s cold open – a segment that has recently been used primarily to provoke discussion online.

In yet another entertaining parody of the President of the United States, Alec Baldwin’s impersonation made fun of Trump ordering Mike Pence around and focused on Rex Tillerson allegedly calling him a ”moron” and Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico.

In the highlight of the cold open, Baldwin’s Trump addresses Eminem’s cypher and warns the emcee to “watch your back.”

Watch the entire cold open above and then check out Supreme’s collaboration with The North Face, which drops October 19.


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