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How to win bet9ja in 2018 ( Make Millions With This Trick)


Tricks To Win bet9ja in 2018

How possible it is to win bet9ja easily?
Is there any possibility?

I keep asking myself this question and here’s what I found out.

We have heard about Surebet from folks on Facebook and twitter and you can also find them on Instagram talking about Surebet.

That they give out fixed matches and if you play you win instantly and many have been victimized by this lie.

Let me tell you why your ticket is always cutting and things you should do to start winning bets.

Before we start I want you to ask yourself this questions?

How many games do you accumulate in your betting tickets?

How much am i putting in this?

How can i win Millions with this 20 matches in my tickets?

Why is my tickets cutting in only one or two matches?

Is like betting company paid them to lose so that my ticket will lost?

Why am I not eating money on bets?

The truth is that you are not playing to win, but playing to get a BP, high blood pressure.

Let me tell you one truth on betting.

You can only win if you play well and accumulate little.

Like some people want to hit Millions that’s why they are always crying about tickets loss but instead of playing three to two matches, they will play 30 matches just to win Millions instead starting with small winning.

I know someone who plays only one match or two matches with big money.

Why is he doing that?

Because he chooses big team and he knows they will not always loss but win.

Betting isn’t for the poor but the rich cos if you can use big money to play one match.

There’s a lot of opportunities than playing with small money with long tickets.

Let me give you an example now.

If you play Chelsea win, Real Madrid win, Barcelona Win, Manchester United, Manchester City, PSG, Manchester City.

If you pick any of these team if they are playing a small team, there’s a lot of possibilities than combine teams that has low quality players.

Betting is a game of luck but some are making it through this wonderful trick.

If you don’t have money, you can continue playing with small amount but is good if you can have online account for bet cashouts.

Cashouts helps you to cut your tickets if you don’t want all the matches on the ticket to end.

Like if you play four matches online and three matches won and it remains one match but the remaining match will play later.

They will calculate your odds and pay you.

That’s how online cashouts works.

If you have any questions you can ask on the comment section.

Good luck.


  1. Why I’m I unable to cash out? I play with my account yet I’m unable to do cashouts. why? I want to be able to cash out when i want to. thnx.


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