Home Sports Shock Real Madrid discovery as Leo Messi battles Thiago in FIFA 18

Shock Real Madrid discovery as Leo Messi battles Thiago in FIFA 18

Real Madrid discovery

Real Madrid discovery

Leo Messi v Thiago Messi

Antonella Roccuzzo, Leo Messi’s wife, has posted a series of three eye-catching photos on her Instagram Stories account.

The pictures showed how Leo Messi took on his oldest son Thiago in FIFA 18.

For the record, Thiago Messi is still just five years old. Leo, meanwhile, is 30.

The couple are also expecting their third child.

Barcelona v Real Madrid

There were several interesting aspects of Antonella Roccuzzo’s social media updates.

The first thing to notice was that Thiago was wearing a Barcelona home shirt.

That’s obviously not such a big deal for the lad as his dad is the club’s best player.

When looking at the graphics of the FIFA game, however, it became apparent that Leo and Thiago were facing off in El Clasico.

Indeed, the scoreline after 55 minutes of their computer game was Barcelona 3 – Real Madrid 1.

But who played as Real Madrid? Considering what Thiago was wearing, could it be that Leo played as Los Blancos?!

The tweets

Reactions to Leo Messi taking on Thiago in FIFA 18, and the fact that they played Barcelona v Real Madrid, are below.



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