Home Sports Sergio Ramos levels salty criticism at Jose Mourinho

Sergio Ramos levels salty criticism at Jose Mourinho

Sergio Ramos levels salty criticism

Sergio Ramos levels salty criticism


Sergio Ramos has come to the defence of Iker Casillas, who has of course struggled to get into the Porto team of late, and claimed it’s all because of Jose Mourinho.

While Ramos was making the comments with his tongue firmly in his cheek, he did make a dig at his former manager, who famously dropped Casillas for Diego Lopez and split the fan base, leading to Mourinho and Casillas’ eventual departure from Real Madrid.

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Mourinho is of course a former Porto manager, and Ramos wonders just how much influence he still has at the club.

“It’s a situation that catches my attention, it surprises everyone,” Ramos told Spanish radio station El Larguero.

“If there is something personal behind this, that I do not know.

“I wish him to be happy wherever he his and you should not lose your joy. The day you lose it, you will have a problem.

“We are always in touch with jokes and nobody likes to be a substitute when they’ve always been a starter.

“I ask him if the coach is Mourinho’s friend! 

“I would not be surprised, I’ve seen this coach at a press conference and he has similar traits to Mourinho.”


It’s not only Casillas who is struggling this season – Ramos and Mourinho are both used to winning, but have seen Barcelona and Manchester City take commanding leads in their respective domestic leagues, and both know that their teams have far more to do this season if they want to win trophies.

Mourinho may count the title he won at Real Madrid as one of his greatest, but to stop this Manchester City side, ironically managed by former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola, will certainly take some doing and Mourinho might regard it as his best title win of all if his side can manage the impossible.



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