Home Entertainment Sad News: Angry Man Killed Mother Of His Newborn Son

Sad News: Angry Man Killed Mother Of His Newborn Son

Sad News: Angry Man Killed Mother Of His Newborn Son

Sad News: Angry Man Killed Mother Of His Newborn Son

Sad News: Angry Man Killed Mother Of His Newborn Son

A heartless man has left many people in shock after he reportedly shot dead the mother of his newborn son during an argument.

A quick-tempered man has shot dead the 34-year-old mother of his newborn son after the couple had a fight early Sunday, cops said.

According to a report by New York Daily, the boyfriend, 31, blasted Luz Cuza in the head outside her home on 147th St. near 133rd Ave. in Jamaica at about 2 a.m., according to police.

She was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where doctors tried in vain to save her.

The boyfriend identified as Robert Rodriguez was apprehended by the police a short time later at 115th Ave. and 225th St. in Cambria Heights. They recovered a .40-caliber firearm, authorities said.

Suspect Robert Rodriguez is charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of marijuana. His arraignment was pending early Monday.

Cuza’s brother, Ray Garcia, was at home with his sister when the crazed boyfriend pulled the trigger. He said the couple had been arguing that night.

“I didn’t think he was going to hurt her because she just gave birth to his son, like, two months ago,” he said.

Garcia was in a separate room when he heard a shot ring out. “When I go to the front, my sister is laying on the ground with her eye almost popped out,” he said. “She was gasping for air.”

“When I saw that, I knew how much I loved my sister, because I started crying,” Garcia recalled, devastated.

“I said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m gonna save you.’ And I knocked on every neighbor’s house, because I didn’t have my phone with me.”

One of the neighbors had already called 911, but the boyfriend had fled.

“He was walking away,” Garcia said. “And he disappeared by the time the cops came.”

Police caught up with Rodriguez, who works as a parking attendant in Manhattan, soon after. The couple’s child, Lucito LaKing, was born just four months ago. Cops said the victim’s mother will take care of the baby.

The victim’s friend, Jessica Heyliger, 36, said Cuza had worked at a hair salon until the baby was born, and had been doing hair from home since giving birth.

Heyliger said the couple had their issues, but she never expected things were that bad.

“Yes, they fought and argued,” Heyliger said. “But as far as him shooting her in the face, it wouldn’t lead to that.”

Heyliger said that just hours before the murder she received a text from Cuza apologizing for the barrage of messages she had sent the previous day.

Cuza said she was “upset.”

Heylinger said that if she had responded sooner or just come over Cuza might still be alive. Cops said there had been no previous calls for domestic violence at the home.

Neighbors said the suspect’s mother came by every weekend to spend time with the child. The investigation was ongoing Sunday.



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