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Why Rochas Okorocha Is Dead In Imo State?


Picture Of Rochas Okorocha Dead In A CasketIs Rochas Okorocha dead or alive? Ask yourself this question and know if he’s still a human or an inhuman in Igbo Land, Rochas is busy creating statues with the money that can feed the whole IMO State and hunger will reduce.

He’s busy creating status and the evil government isn’t even saying anything about it till now.

Commissioner For Happiness By Rochas OkorochaNow he gave her illiterate sister commissioner for happiness and whatever.

The lady didn’t even finish school cos her grammar on twitter can make you vomit.

APC is not the real change we thought it was cos it stands for Animals on Planet for Change cos they want to turn the whole Nigeria to zoo that’s why Nnamdi Kanu is fighting to get Biafra because the Country isn’t helping it citizens and many are graduating every year still no job and no hope of creating new jobs.

Rochas Taking Zuma’s Measurement For Status
Rochas wants imo people to start worshipping his gods status

The government of Nigeria is barbaric and Satanic and as it stands. We don’t have hope for a better Nigeria why because the Country is ruling under Sharia law.

No constitution No Law No Hope No Job.

The only available constitution is embellishments and looting.

We have been praying for a better Nigeria but the more we pray the more it gets worse why because we don’t act rather we only pray.

The Israelites can’t just pray and sit at home but they will pray and then go to war and God will be with them to win the war but if you come out to protest in Nigeria for bad leadership.

Animal police will shoot you because they don’t know what is freedom of speech and expression.

Nigeria is gone and always expect commissioner for smile and commissioner for eating from the dead living Governor Rochas Okorocha.

Nigeria Where You Say The Truth And Get Killed.

May God Save The Youths In Nigeria.



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