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Recad Media Crashed? See Details

Recad Media Crashed

Recad Media Crashed


Some will think that Recad Media Has Crashed, But it's a lie, the site is undergoing maintenance because of new huge members on it, they are upgrading to a new bandwidth that will enable the new members and old to stop experiencing slow server and login issues.

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Hello Recaders,

We apologize for all the inconvenience we have been experiencing in terms of accessing the website.
We are also aware of the issues relating to some subscribers inability to login to their dashboard even after reseting their password.

We have been experiencing some server related problems for about 3-4 days now, which we first attributed to be caused by traffic, but that is not the case.
Currently our engineers and the technical support of company in charge of hosting our dedicated server are working to find a permanent solution to the problem.

In view of this, the website will be undergoing maintenance from tomorrow, 11th of October 2017 to Sunday, 15th of October 2017. This will enable us perform upgrades and resolve all server related issues in order to enhance the quality of service provided through the website.

During this period, all activities on the website will be suspended including AD CONTENT SHARING, REGISTRATION, LISTING SERVICE, etc.

Everyone that have purchased vouchers and have not registered should keep it safe (will not expire) and register after the website is back online.

We are aware that this development would reduce the listing service validity paid for from 30days to 25days. Therefore, each member’s account would get an extension of additional 5 days.

We are hoping activities would return back to normal on the 15th of October, 2017 and withdrawal form will also be made open on that date.


How To Millions With Just 400# On Recad Media Paying Site


The withdrawal requests submitted last week saturday and Sunday are currently been processed. As stated on the withdrawal page, it would take us more than the 72hrs stipulated time to process.

Though some have gotten their payment

Recad Media Crashed

We accepted over 3500+ requests, which is more than the usual 2000 request limit.

Once again, we apologize for all these new unfriendly development



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