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Radiohead Is Suing Lana Del Rey for Stealing Their Song


Radiohead Is Suing Lana Del Rey

This weekend, reports began to emerge that British rock band Radiohead were taking legal action over pop star Lana Del Rey’s song “Get Free” from her 2017 album Lust for Life. The group claim that it bears many similarities to their 1993 hit song “Creep.”

On Sunday, Del Rey confirmed the news on Twitter, denying that the song was inspired by “Creep.”

She even states she offered the band 40% of publishing, but according to her statement, they won’t settle for less than 100% of publishing revenues, so the case has now escalated and will apparently be settled in court.

Canadian musician Owen Pallett noted that Radiohead’s allegations are most likely based on the chord progression of “Get Free,” which is similar in the verses of both songs.

Pallett also noted that the lawsuit might not be “Radiohead sitting around feeling annoyed about a stolen chord progression, this just might be their lawyers being lawyers.”

Ironically, Radiohead were once successfully sued by The Hollies over “Creep”’s similarities to “The Air That I Breathe.” Subsequently, Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood are now listed as co-writers for the song and get a share of royalties from the band.

Revisit “Get Free” and “Creep” below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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