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I was about to propose to Rihanna before the beating – Chris Brown Reveals


This is a shocker! Chris Brown has revealed in his new documentary that he was so in love with onetime girlfriend Rihanna he was ready to propose to her. We’ve got the details on why he never ended up popping the question.

Chris Brown, 28, is laying bare all the details about his relationship with onetime girlfriend Rihanna, 29, including the fact that he wanted to marry her at one point. In his new documentary Welcome to My Life, he explains that even at their young ages back in 2009, he was so in love with her that he was ready to propose. Breezy describes how he fell hard for the “Diamonds” singer and was the first one to say “I love you.” They secretly dated for eight months, before coming out as a power couple following their lit collab at the 2007 VMAs. They weren’t even in their twenties yet and Chris claims he was ready to marry and settle down with RiRi! He wanted to propose, but had a big secret that he was hiding from her. Once he shared it with his girlfriend, their relationship unraveled.

According to Chris, RiRi was suspicious early on in their romance about a woman he once worked with. He lied to her and said that everything was strictly professional, when in fact they had hooked up. As the relationship became super serious, Breezy decided to get the guilt out of his system and tell Rihanna the truth, and he says that’s when thing between them turned into a toxic mess full of fights and jealousy.

Breezy says in the documentary that it was an encounter with the woman at Clive Davis‘ Feb.  2009 Grammys pre-party that caused his massive blowout with Rihanna, where he ended up infamously attacking her. Chris claims his former hook-up partner showed up at his table to say hi and Ri completely lost it, breaking down in tears. Once he got her to calm down they left the party, we all know what happened after that. The pair got into a nasty fight inside his car and Rihanna ended up battered and bruised. Chris was hit with assault charges in what would be the first of several run-ins with the law over his temper.

Oh man, what if he would have kept his past hookup a secret? Things might have turned out so differently for the pair. Maybe the fights never would have happened and they ended up getting married. It’s so crazy to think that his decision to spill the beans about his past lover turned the relationship from total bliss into such a disaster. Honesty wasn’t the best policy for Breezy.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Rihanna and Chris might have married if he’d kept his big sex secret?


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