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Phyno Reveals That Decarlo Gave Him Permission To Release “I’m a Fan”


Phyno Shows Proof That Writer Decarlo Gave Him Permission To Release “I’m a Fan”

Phyno has reacted to the cases made by Decarlo on Twitter yesterday, June 11, expressing that Pia Mia’s “I’m a Fan” is the “approved” form as he was the one that composed the tune, which on the flipside implies Phyno stole “I’m a Fan” from him.

I composed the first demo of I’m A Fan” and pitched it to different specialists.

— DeCarlo (@iAMDECARLO) June 11, 2017

I worked with Pia Mia and Jeremih on the track. Their tune is the main adaptation approved

— DeCarlo (@iAMDECARLO) June 11, 2017

This circuitous allegation is not one Phyno is prepared to push down his throat, and keeping in mind that he has been keeping noiseless for so long, this is recently that push he expected to stand up, so stand up he did. Phyno, who said this would have been the last time he would be discussing the issue, did less talking however gave us more to finish up ourselves with screenshots of the visit he had with Decarlo where the arrangement of “I’m a Fan” was started.

As per the photographs he shared, Decarlo had moved toward him for a music trade bargain which Phyno had acknowledged decisively (the time appears there was no wavering there), most likely in light of the fact that it is a deal that is intended to support both sides.

So according to the barter, Phyno was supposed to help Decarlo promote a song on his platform while Decarlo will produce “smash” for Phyno at no cost, as he has been “dying” to work with Ezege1. Fast track to November, Phyno released the song “I’m a Fan” in his Playmaker album and shared the good news with Decarlo who was also excited about it, at least he seems so from his chat.

With Phyno releasing this statement, he is making the world know that he had a chat with Decarlo who gave him full permission to make and release the song only to be shocked in May where an American artiste released the same song, replicating everything, from title, lyrics and the beat.

This subtle yet strong accusation is alarming to the singer, songwriter, and producer who in an interview with BeatFM expressed his shock, saying a statement from Pia Mia at the initial stage of the issue would’ve been appreciated, but since she has decided to not say anything, he has also been advised by his team to not say a word about it yet, even though he has tons of evidence to prove the song was not stolen by him.

Finally, Phyno mentioned that if he had indeed stolen the song, he would’ve been sued by now or the issue would’ve been raised at that moment, but since nothing of such happened, we’ll all have to wait till the issue is ripe enough to be officially narrated by the parties involved. For now, we know for a fact that Decarlo had given Phyno the right to use what he used and whatever issue they bring up, Phyno has revealed he has all the evidence to attack, defend and win the case… at least that’s the summary of his interview on the issue.


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