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The Night Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Dropped Kim Kardashian And Katy Perry Hang’s Out

Kim Kardashian And Katy Perry

Kim Kardashian And Katy Perry

Kim Kardashian And Katy Perry

Taylor Swift’s Reputation album was released yesterday, full of lyrics bashing Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West. Kim seemed to throw a punch of her own by attending Katy Perry’s Los Angeles concert last night and documented her experience on social media.

Taylor takes multiple jabs at Kanye in several of her songs on Reputation, most notably in “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things,” which appears to be entirely about the Waves rapper and his wife. Kim seemed very unbothered by the album and its references to her husband, as she attended Katy’s Witness tour with daughter, North West.

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Kim snapchatted a few moments of the evening, one of which included a selfie with Katy and North backstage. The mother-of-two also shared several videos dancing and singing along to “E.T.,” which her husband is featured on.

While it appears to have been just a mommy-daughter night out, many are speculating Kim’s decision to go to the concert was strategic.

Twitter user @rachelmcrady commented on the matter, “The day Reputation comes out, Kim Kardashian goes to a Katy Perry concert. God bless the United States of Shade.”

Taylor’s sixth studio album has fans dissecting every lyric, trying to decide who each song and line is about. For the most part, Reputation seems to be about current boyfriend Joe Alwyn, ex’s Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, and rivals Kim and Kanye. There doesn’t appear to be any clear lyrics referring to long-time enemy, Katy Perry.

Taylor dedicated a whole song, “Bad Blood,” to her feud with Katy on 2014’s 1989 album. It appears Taylor might be over that feud, as Katy also stated in public interviews that she was over it as well.

Some fans have pointed out one lyric in the album’s lead single, “Look What You Made Me Do” could be about Katy. When Taylor sings, “all I think about is karma,” she could be referring Katy’s use of the word karma in her Taylor-diss track, “Swish Swish.” This is a stretch, as most of “LWYMMD” is known to be about Kanye.

Reputation also dropped on the anniversary of Kanye’s mother’s death, which caused many to slam Taylor over her insensitive timing. Loyal Swifties believe the release date was a mere coincidence.

According to Radar Online, Kim and Kanye think Taylor is “disgusting” for releasing her album on the sad anniversary, and claim she is “so calculating.”

Was Kim throwing shade at Taylor by attending Katy’s concert? Let us know your thoughts!



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