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Nigeria 1966 Coup Hidden Secrets Revealed

Nigeria 1966 Coup Hidden Secrets Revealed

Nigeria 1966 Coup Hidden Secrets Revealed

Nigeria 1966 Coup Hidden Secrets Revealed
Ifeajuna was the only core Igbo man that played a major role in the 1966 coup, there was also Nzeogwu from Niger Delta, 4 Yorubas, two Northerners, one Tiv, one Esean and yet it was called an “Igbo coup” and the North has yet to “forgive” us for that. The Yorubas who had more representation amongst the coupist also joined to propagate that misleading information.

Except Olisah Metuh , I am not aware of any Igbo man or woman who played a major role in the Dasuki $2billion bonanza and yet Igbos are the most corrupt people in Nigeria and we are the only ones that love money.

Since the time of Isaac Adaka Boro , the Niger Delta has been the hotbed of restlessness and strife in Nigeria but we the Igbos are the trouble makers.
Almost all the bloody riots in Nigeria occurred in Yoruba land and the North but we the Igbos are the trouble makers and killers.

Ebube Muo Nso Blasts Naij.com

Kaduna is the Nigerian Kidnap headquarters but the arrest of Evans turned every Igbo man into a Kidnapper.
Anini and Shiner Rambo who made armed robbery history in Nigeria are not Igbos but Igbos are accused of being armed robbers every where.

8 out of 10 ritual killings take place in Yoruba land but Igbos are dubbed ritualists in Nigeria.

Majority of the prostitutes in Italy and Dubai are from Lagos and Benin but Igbos are called prostitutes every day in Nigeria.

From the NDLEA 2014 report, the record of arrests for drug trafficking was……katsina-609. Kano-503, Bauchi -471, Lagos-434, Akwa Ibom-401.

Google it if you have any doubts and yet Igbos are tagged as drug pushers.

Boko Haram has caused more havoc to Nigeria than any other group and yet Igbos are the destroyers of Nigeria !
All the unprovoked attacks by Fulani herdsmen have gone unresolved , not a single arrest or prosecution but we kept quiet and prayed to God instead but still no one is happy.

Arewa youths ordered Igbos to leave the North but we didn’t reciprocate with a similar order against Northerners, they still live among us in peace and continue to destroy our crops with their cattle and we suck it up and continue with our lives but they are still not happy.

Buhari offered dialogue to Boko Haram inspite of all that they have done but all he has for IPOB has been bullets and needless bravado !
What have we done to you to be hated and misrepresented in this way ?

By Nnamdi Nwokeuku


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