Home Sports Why Neymar broke down in tears in today’s Brazil press conference

Why Neymar broke down in tears in today’s Brazil press conference

Neymar broke down in tears

Neymar broke down in tears


Paris Saint Germain star Neymar Jr broke down during a press conference with Brazil manager Tite this morning and here’s why.

The Brazilian star has been under the spotlight for a number of months now and several reports have documented issues in Paris.

The first of which came in the form of a rift with striker Edinson Cavani, with reports still not even going away to this day.

Now, the latest is of his relationship with PSG manager Unai Emery with reports suggesting the pair do not get on.

Finally, reports this week have even spoken of a potential move to Real Madrid which would be sensational, to say the least.

Today, it all got to be too much for the player who ‘exploded with rage’ in response to some of these questions.

He swiftly denied all reports including his relationship with Cavani, Emery and a Real Madrid move.

Though, what really got him emotional was his international manager’s input on the whole situation.

Brazil boss Tite jumped to the defence on his star man and that had Neymar in tears before hugging him and walking off.

“We have been working together for a year and a half, and I’m tired of hearing that Tite has problems with Neymar,” he explained.

“We are not perfect, we are human beings and sometimes we react in the wrong way.

“It happened to me in my career, is it wrong?

“There are a number of circumstances to take into account and we must be careful not to generalise.

“We should be talking about the character, nature and the great heart that Neymar has.”

Recent Neymar reports

Some recent reports have been making some big claims of Neymar and the PSG squad.

They have been claiming that the Paris Saint Germain players are suspicious of Neymar for one reason.



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