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Meet The Casts Of Big Brother 2017 Series

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Big brother Here’s what they had to say before they were locked away.

The cameras are rolling, the crowd has gone home and the doors are locked – another series of ‘Big Brother’ is officially underway.

As was first announced last month, this year producers are attempting to take the show in a different direction, with a more varied batch of housemates, intended to reflect the diversity of modern Britain.

If you’re still struggling to tell them all apart at this early stage, here’s what they had to say in their own words prior to going in the house…

  • Arthur Fulford

    Age: 24
    Job: Courier
    In his own words: “There’s nobody I don’t get on well with… even if someone’s a bit of a mug, I love a mug, you know?”

  • Chanelle McCleary

    Age: 24
    Job: Care assistant/glamour model
    In her own words: “If I’ve got a problem with you, we’re going to have a big problem when I’ve had a drink. And if I fancy you, we’re going to have an even bigger problem.”

  • Charlotte Keys

    Age: 24
    Job: Estate agent
    In her own words: “The relationship between me and my mum… I’m probably more the mother, because I am significantly more mature.”

  • Deborah Agboola

    Age: 25
    Job: Digital analyst
    In her own words: “I want to show the world single mums can be ambitious, successful and don’t have to shy away and be locked up in our houses”.

  • Ellie Young

    Age: 23
    Job: Holiday rep
    In her own words: “I think I’ve got a good chance of winning. Why not? Like, I’d have to do something terrible not to. Look at that orange man, the President. If he got President maybe I can win ‘Big Brother’.”

  • Hannah Agboola

    Age: 23
    Job: Model/make-up store host
    In her own words: “I want to do ‘Big Brother’ because I want to do something I have never done before, it’s a unique experience. I want to be challenged as a person. I want to do something outside of the box.”

  • Imran Javeed

    Age: 39
    Job: Entrepreneur
    In his own words: “I’m doing ‘Big Brother’ because I want to show my children how to be a good person. I want to be an example to the next generation as well and let them know it’s not all about social media.”

  • Joe Quaranta

    Age: 55
    Job: Nightclub owner
    In his own words: “I want to do Big Brother to show that the oldies can do well too – bring it on!”

  • Kayleigh Morris

    Age: 28
    Job: Clothing concession manager
    In her own words: “Within a minute of meeting someone, I’ve already planned our future… and nobody had best go near him, because that’s when I do become very territorial.”

  • Kieran Lee

    Age: 25
    Job: ‘Honey trapper’ and reality star
    In his own words: “If people in the house are bossy, as long as they’re bossing themselves about they aren’t trying to control me… I don’t need someone in my face telling me what to do, I’ll tell them where to go.”

  • Lotan Carter

    Age: 28
    Job: Stripper
    In his own words: “I’ve been taking my clothes off and getting my bum out for eight years… it’s just something you’ve got to do, I suppose. It’s like an electrician taking out his drill. Except I’ve got a bigger piece.”

  • Mandy Longworth

    Age: 51
    Job: Antiques dealer
    In her own words: “If somebody didn’t like me in the house, basically I’d let karma get them. But if someone didn’t like Charlotte [her daughter], then I become karma.”

  • Raphael Korine

    Age: 22
    Job: Student
    In his own words: “When somebody is not educated, a lot of the time, I don’t have much to talk about with them. The people that I surround myself with are the educated, cultured people.”

  • Rebecca Jane

    Age: 32
    Job: Owner of a private detective agency
    In her own words: “I want to be locked away from the world and see how I cope without being constantly stimulated. My technology addiction is out of control. Big Brother will be like tech rehab.”

  • Sukhvinder Javeed

    Age: 38
    Job: Entrepreneur
    In her own words: “I want to meet the world and I want the world to meet me too! Life is an amazing gift and if you aren’t on TV then who are you?”.

  • Tom Barber

    Age: 21
    Job: Nightclub owner
    In his own words: “I want to go in there and smash it.


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