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(Photos) See What This Man Did On His Head


Some people just want to be what they are not; they are not satisfied with their physical appearances and would do everything they could to make them look different.

Permit us to be a bit cynical with this piece. It would not be out of place for us to be this way judging by the fact that one cannot really comprehend the reason why some people would choose to look like an animal despite being made a higher animal by the creator of all things.

This post is about a young man who had a surgery to get horns on his head. This could be a bit unsettling; why on earth would anyone choose to tamper with his natural looks by having horns on his head when he was not born with one? It is really mind boggling to think anyone would love beasts and animals so much he would be willing to switch places with them.

The young man in this piece is a Jamaican artist, he is known as Furtyle Brain. He wanted to change his looks so he consulted a Canadian surgeon who helped with the implantation of the horns.

The most logical explanation for this would be to accept that the world is indeed coming to an end. No one can really understand why any rational being would decide to have horns implanted in his head when he is not dressed up for Halloween.

Finding the reason for his action may take the whole day as you may never be able to fully understand his reasons. Thus, trying to think like Furtile Brain may be a futile endeavour. For something to be described as futile means it is incapable of producing any useful result.

Why thinking about his reasons, try not to wonder what could have happened to his brain in the process if the surgery had gone wrong. You never can tell, the horn may be a source of inspiration to him for his musical career.

Find below pictures of the man who had surgery to get horns:

1. Warrisdis?

See pictures of the man who had surgery to get horns

What do you think of this?

2. Is this for a goat or ram?

See pictures of the man who had surgery to get horns

Let us deal with this carefully; this horn belongs to an animal. Do you know what animal it is?

3. The world is coming to an end

See pictures of the man who had surgery to get horns

Why would a good looking young man decide to trade his looks for that of an animal? That is food for thought.

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