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Lyrics Young M.A – Walk


Lyrics Young M.A Walk

[Verse 1]
They was tryna get me, they was tryna get me out
Like y’all don’t know what I’m about
Y’all do it for the clout
The streets like (where you at?)
I told n—-s I’m en route
I was working at the house, in the stu
Sleeping on the couch, tryna figure out
What my next move is
Come move with the movement
I see through you old transparent n—-s
Who you guys think you fooling?
We bhillen’ bhillen’
Pinky ring dripping dripping
My necklace is jeweling
Tre Pound got a bark
Park a n—a like amusement
No clowns over here, no haha, no amusement
Nah, nah, we ain’t losing
Y’all got us confused with them other n—-s over there
Who ‘dem? who ‘dem?
And I’m hopping out the Benz
Givenchy by the lens, I ain’t come here for French
I came here to make money, save money, then I spend
M.A, where you been
Don’t you do that s–t again

You think I give a f–k what a hater got to say about me?
That’s exactly what they hate about me
They around me when the sun rise, when the sun shining
But where the f–k y’all was at when it was cloudy?
Fake n—-s please get the hell from around me
I don’t even know why these n—-s is around me
That was the same n—-s that doubt me

[Verse 2]
Louis pack got me bugging out
Louis scarf, gotta thug it out
New chain, had to flood it out
My money never running out
Cut the check bih
Tell them hating n—-s cut it out
Where the light at? The blunt is out
Pour me up when my cup is out
Didn’t mean to f–k her
She had a cramp so I rubbed it out
Kick b—–s out, wave bye with my rubber out
Your opinion doesn’t matter
That’s one thing I don’t give a f–k about
D–k riding, a-s kissing
That’s something I know nothing ’bout
Everybody in the same lane
So I went and took the other route
Bagging weed in my mother house
If she knew she would cuss me out
Same black tee, same sweatpants
Oh well, had to b-m it out
Young M.A this, Young M.A that
D–n n—a what the fuss about?
Now n—-s just tryna figure out
When the next joint coming out
Oh, nowadays n—-s want favors
But if you talk about money
Well homie then we can work something out
Louis scarf for my right side
Yeah n—a that’s the right side
Give my blood n—-s high-fives, hi five
Her eyes c—k and her p—y pink like high eyes
Bad chick, but that don’t mean I won’t bring her a-s right to Popeyes
Two piece and a thigh for you
I ain’t paying if the price high
Get money, act broke, that’s the motto I apply by
Never boujee, we on vacay, pouring Henny in the Mai Tai’s
Never change, I’m still the same
Drinking Minute Maid with the hot fries
In the club, in V.I.P with y’all b—–s and my guys
We get money, we don’t want beef
Take that beef s–t to Five Guys
Start s–t, got five guys with five 9’s, hit you five times
Extendos on the chopper, n—-s thought we was carrying a tripod
N—-s like (where the hoes at?)
My bad, it’s where the thots hide
Them lame n—-s there
It’s more popping here on my side
Fake n—-s move left, real n—-s move clockwise
Blew a check at the jeweler
‘Cause I won’t wear it n—a if it’s not
F—–g mine

Lyrics Young M.A Walk


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