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Lyrics Mase The Oracle

Imagine 20 years with a bitter b—h and the same drama
Dame told you do this s–t and you don’t see Dame karma
K9 on your a-s, n—a no distraction
P—y n—a wearing pink I guess he think he matching
I’ma paint the picture, let the n—-s make the caption

F–k bars I’m tell n—a what really happened
You hear this tone, you know the mac is in my seat
You see exactly what I see you know my rap is not for free
You sent them p—y n—-s to the hill to trap me in the V
You singing n—a, ain’t gonna be no back up b—h with me
I chew that n—a til’ my teeth hurt don’t even hit the weed first
B—–s used to say I’m blessed and I didn’t even sneeze first
Much dirt as I got on you, don’t even need no research
My hand filthy, heart guilty, n—-s like me need church
Tax know you as the n—a that snitched on the Roc

D.C. crips only know you the n—a they shot
OG n—-s don’t have no history with you on the block
And everybody seen the footage I got
Every since 10 you was a thirsty n—a
I ain’t gone talk about the time you f—-d your sister
In 2002 you lost 50 pounds, ulcers in your liver
And now you tryna sell n—-s liquor, N—A
You always play the sucker part
Where was all that Rico s–t when you left Jim in Rucker Park?
Matter fact I’m on a true life change

But let’s get back to that smack and that Tru Life chain
D–n bro
D–n the whole f—–g land know
After that 50 s–t you moved to Orlando
You had the n—a Jim on the radio, where did Cam go?
We all understand though
You not really built for this s–t
You not ready to kill for this s–t
But no regrets
You gotta lift up a TEC to get Murder respect
N—a are U-N, you dipped on the set

I’m the f—-n cough in the slime flu
You gone out rhyme who? I’m your prime times 2
I never paid for my mistakes cause that’s not what crime do
B—–s f–k me but that’s what dimes do
Somebody wanna jump in tell ’em come share
I’m starting to feel like we don’t really compare
I’m pretty n—a, wrist litty, sun wear
Diplomat only mean that you ain’t from here

You had a run here but y’all n—-s is done here
All these pretty women and y’all n—-s bringing guns here
You way past the gun line
Every time you talk of me you sound like one time
I f–k the King of rap b—h when I was unsign
And made the n—a Diddy sign me off of one line
Don’t blame for the past and I won’t blame you for the crash
Sent my n—a Huddy on a dummy mission and he crashed
Gilet I know you need money I get it

I know your digital sales I know about your digits
I know Sony Red didn’t wanna your s–t distribute
I know it’s crickets so f–k it use my name so they can click it
I made you, I raised you, why would I play you?
When you dealing with this power, n—a Flex can’t save you
Me amorin, drive the foreign, kick the door in
Lady treat me like him important
I don’t even think of scoring
I just run the floor and D could alleyoop it to me like in Boston
On some Kyrie s–t, y’all just talking

Heard that often
Had to rap again, y’all was boring ’em
Now you can tell Dave East, A$AP Mob, whatever you want
The whole hood know I’m the origin
You robbed Juelz on some Diddy s–t
And when Jim start balling you get back on sissy s–t
You even had the nerve to call up Sham
And use his basketball skill to steal the name Jelly Fam
D–n, Cam, I thought more of you
But when I think about it, that’s really all you do

You really not that fly
You really not that guy
You really not that wise
I’m really not surprised
All pride aside you try to pay Lodi mom’s to side with your lies
Now I’m like f–k it Drago “if he dies he dies”
Ain’t no unity
Ain’t no Children of the Corn
Ain’t no you and me
Any n—a ever got Diplomat Immunity
Was n—-s who ratted or ones who snitched on their community
And thats word to my n—a Big L
To my n—a f—–g Trell and to that n—a Bigavel
To n—a Loon on all my n—-s in the cell
Hope you hold ya head, I hope y’all n—-s doing well
This Ma$e n—a, I invented the curve
I’m the name on the ribbon on the bird
I’m done rapping with you
You’ll always be my b—h you got my f—–g name tatted on you



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