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Lyrics Kodak Black – Rugrats

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Lyrics Kodak Black Rugrats

Yah, Glee
Aye b—h, I done growed up

Project baby all grown up, ima rugrat
Still can’t hit the club, ian get jumped bih
Still can’t hit the club, can’t get no run bih
F–k that s–t, I’m going anyway
Project baby all grown up, ima rugrat
Still can’t hit the club, ian get jumped but im like f–k that
Woke up and I dropped me a deluxe, I’m like plus tax
Teacher tried to put me in timeout, I said f–k that

[Verse 1]
You ain’t my mama hoe, I ain’t getting in nun no corner, I said f–k class
Told me say no drugs, nope you know I upped that
You already know I’m jello, graduated finnessing got me a lunch rack
I’m like what’s that
Finesse you out your lunch bag
Forgot my bookbag at the crib but ian forget about the dutch pack
(?) test me you get f—-d back
Got them books on me, (?) right now a hundred racks
Doctor ion take my meds no more right now it cost me double stacks
Jaguar orange (?), jansport (?)
I just seen my old teacher, (?) check
Lil homie SAT back, then I had a MAC-10
Said I’m on my way, make sure your babies with there daddy
Ian no babysitter, but I be kidnapping
That Glock will shock a n—a, what’s that Glock static
Angelica, she suck my testicles, bih so fantastic
I don’t f–k with Sulie because I don’t want no black hoe
Raptor I go dinosaur
Ima sniper
Pull up like a diaper
Ion do no back and forth
The teacher said it’s naptime but I am tired of sleeping on the floor
Dumping at them, bagged the n—a, but Ion do no f—–g chores
Let me find out you (?)
I done graduated, now I got a MAC-11
Aye, lemme find out you still at daycare
Put that Wooly on that little boy and he s—–d on himself
And I’m from the projects
And I keep that permit, don’t I keep that permit
Ima rugrat little n—a yea, don’t I keep that Tommy
Don’t I keep that Tommy, I said don’t I keep that Tommy
And I (?) up like Chuckey
And I’m getting money
Rolling, I be duffling
Younging he be thugging yea

All grown up, Ima rugrat
Still can’t hit the club, Ian get jumped, but I’m like f–k that
Teacher tried to put me in timeout, so I said f–k class
F–k class, ion need class
Booted up when I see class




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