Home Sports Jose Mourinho To Leave Manchester United Soon

Jose Mourinho To Leave Manchester United Soon

Jose Mourinho To Leave Manchester United Soon

Jose Mourinho To Leave Manchester United Soon

United exit

Jose Mourinho has been tipped to leave Manchester United as soon as he can – and go to cash rich PSG, who of course signed Neymar and Kylian Mbappe in the summer, and are desperate for a coach who they feel can match their lofty ambitions.


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That’s according to former Manchester United midfielder John Giles, who thinks that Mourinho will be worried Manchester United are no longer the club for him, after looking at neighbours and rivals Manchester City, and seeing all their riches – and coming to the conclusion his side can no longer compete.

“The more the days go by, the more certain I am that Jose Mourinho wants out of Old Trafford as soon as he can find a way to sign on the dotted line for PSG,” Giles wrote in the Irish Independent.

“His team failed the second big test of their title credentials when they lost to a Chelsea side which was vulnerable. With eight points now between Pep Guardiola and everyone else, Mourinho will not be confident about the months ahead.

“If he does have some form of communication open with PSG, he will be talking to them about a salary package which will be far above anything United will want to offer.

“He wasn’t in a great negotiating position after he was thrown out of Stamford Bridge but he clearly feels fully rehabilitated now and I think he is in the market for what would be his dream job.

“The most recent twist in the tale points in that direction, suggesting that Mourinho has asked for an enormous new deal.

“I believe that Mourinho has decided that there is some doubt now whether United can match his ambition. He knows the way the wind is blowing and will follow the cash to Paris.”

PSG move

Mourinho has talked up PSG this season, and from that point, links between the manager and Ligue 1 side have materialised.

The former Chelsea and Real Madrid boss is known for getting itchy feet, and never really staying in one place for more than a few seasons – and it seems United may be about to learn that the hard way.



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