Home Sports The Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte handshake you didn’t see (Official Video)

The Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte handshake you didn’t see (Official Video)

Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte handshake

Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte handshake

Chelsea 1 – Man United 0

In the aftermath of Chelsea’s 1-0 win over Man United last weekend, the Blues have posted tunnel cam footage on YouTube.

Alvaro Morata settled the match with a terrific header ten minutes into the second half.

Chelsea win kept the Blues in the Premier League title hunt, while hurting one of their chief rivals.

Man United remained second, although they are now eight points behind Man City after eleven rounds of the season.

Jose Mourinho v Antonio Conte

One of the storylines after Sunday’s match at Stamford Bridge is what happened between Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte.

The two managers failed to shake hands as Mourinho headed down the Chelsea tunnel while Conte celebrated on the pitch.

Mourinho was grilled about his post match behaviour, to which the Special One responded:

You want me to go and chase him in the middle of the pitch? I was there. I shook hands with the people who were there.

I think one of them was his brother, the assistant, so I feel that by shaking the hands of his brother and the other assistants that I did my duty. I cannot go and run to chase him.

But they did shake hands

Chelsea’s tunnel cam footage from Sunday reveals how Mourinho did shake Conte’s hand before the game.

Mourinho appeared to purposefully wait outside Man United’s dressing room at Chelsea to greet his Italian counterpart.

When Conte arrived, Mourinho extended his hand.

Interestingly, the body language of both managers seemed telling.

Conte never seemed to lock eyes with Mourinho, while the Man United boss quickly turned from the handshake as well.

Watch the footage below.



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