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How I Made $3000+ With Ico Bounty

Ico Bounty

Ico BountyHello, it been a long time we talked about bounty here on folownow just because they are a lot of fake ICO and bounty out there but this time around we gonna take a closer look into them than before.

Are you new to bounty you can enlighten yourself here Bounty – A Way Of Making Money For Free In Cryptocurrency World is a long term investment without investing your money,you just need little of your time.

Having passion with cryptocurrency,I never chance the difficulty to overcome me,i started digging more into this crypto and release every opportunity i found helpful to the Jackobian community.

I found minexcoin bounty offer and i applied for it and brought it here as usual, few tried it while many neglect it.During that period i made a good number of coin 267 then and hoping them to get listed on exchange like the ICO we have now but the story wasn’t like that.I later forget about the coin and carry on until November 1 when they got listed on exchange site with a good price and currently trading @ $12 per coin and 267 * 12 =$3000+.

Bounty require only time,so if you dont have money to invest that,you can try a lot of bounty out there and make good money out of it.

IMG_20171121_012916_216.jpg-How I Made $3000+ With Ico Bounty

I hope your testimony is the next




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