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How handwriting Changed My Life – Onuoha UI


How handwriting Changed My Life


Story From Onuoha Ui, Professional Programmer And Developer.

He posted this story on his facebook timeline.


So today I went to GTBank and instead of this cashier to tell me about the monetary saga with them and the motor guy she ended up calling me privately to tell me that my hand writing is the best thing she’s ever seen this morning.

Onuoha UIHow handwriting Changed My Life

Humm, I blushed and like a girl who had a first kiss at twilight I said “thank you”
Well let me tell you a small story.
For those that constantly follow me you must have noticed that I like making you believe in your very self.

I like self development because I have suffered from self pity and destruction before now.
Story story…

I can still remember vividly when I was flogged sequentially because of my writing.

When my mom will send for Nnamdi Ignatius who was in primary 4 to come call me in primary 5 just answer some questions why I failed just one exam question in Agricultural Science.

I still remember when my big sister will beat the number 3 into my head every night.

When I will always hide my book after school hours to avoid been bad mouthed because of my handwriting by my friends and big siblings.
Humm, I will surely write a full thing about this but here is a mini story of how my new handwriting came into being.

Through out my secondary days and even more early months in tertiary institute I had a bad handwriting.
It was so poor that I even knew it.

One thing about me is that I like trying things, from learning how to neat sweaters with my mom’s crochet to learning how to make hair, fix weavons and nails to learning how to wash bitter leaf and even do makeup.

Yes I know perfectly how to do all that.
I was an all rounder.
But this one about my writing was one big palava for me.

How handwriting Changed My Life
Onuoha UI

In 2011 I was already using a Toshiba laptop, operating in a business center and having some cool cash, I then decided to give my writing a flare.

I went into my shop turned my computer on and started looking for various pc fonts that looks appealing.

I found many but at this point I needed to focus on one so I choose one that looked cute.

I printed them out in small letters and capital letters and also in number form, Roman numerals and symbols.

Practice don start.

I started tracing and drilling myself.
It took me more than a month to master that font type by head.

Now I was very slow to take notes in lectures because I am just on a hatching level.

I was really excited as I knew this was it. My dream into a great typo skill.

I kept rehearsing until I became faster and could write more than 5 sentences in just few minutes.
After that semester session I went home and showed my mom my new writing and for the first time in my mature nature my mom said “shake me, now you come”.

My siblings came looking as they haven’t seen such before.

Now I have successfully killed that discomfort.
In 2013 I got a teaching job in Kano Basic College Badawa and my writing was exceptional amongst all the staff.

I could remember visiting Access bank with my mom to claim my father’s remaining money after his demise, God used my writing to favor us before the manager.

In 2015 I was called for a job interview in Abuja Royal Kiddies International School Garki II, the proprietress couldn’t stop gazing at my writing as she offered me the job without an interview.

Still in the school all the students talk about my writing to their parents and friends.

I got gifts from that school even from the parents.
I just remembered when I came to Port Harcourt and in 2016 I was asked to go get my brothers SSCE results from ABEC, after signing in the attendant said with joy on her face “I so love your writing” and she hastily settled me and I left.

So many encounters I have had in recent time because of my new writing.

Yes I was a bad writer, my writing was hell dirty but today I am confident about it and thanks to God.
You see it’s never to late to validate your skills.
There is one thing that hinders us. Yes, fear, self pity and the enemy called low self esteem.

Yes I suffered to learn it, sometimes I felt like just stopping everything, but remembering my ink.What have you learned from his story.

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