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Gabriel Jesus has UK immigration problems


Gabriel Jesus has UK immigration problems

Gabriel Jesus & English immigration

Brazilian portal UOL Esporte have an update regarding Man City striker Gabriel Jesus.

Jesus is still on the sidelines for the Sky Blues.

He’s been out of action since the 0-0 draw at Crystal Palace in the Premier League. He suffered medial collateral damage in his knee against the Eagles.

The Brazilian may still be a few weeks away from returning to first team action. But he’s on the right track as he’s now back in Man City training.

But the South American has been left without his crew in Manchester. His brother and two friends have been denied entry into the country by UK immigration.

Overstaying their Manchester welcome

UOL Esporte report that Gabriel Jesus’s brother and two buddies were stopped Heathrow airport.

Felipe de Jesus, Higor Braga and Fabio Lucio flew back to England having visited Sao Paulo for a few weeks.

But when they landed at Heathrow authorities were alerted to visa problems. That’s because they had stayed in England beyond their visa limits before their short trip back home.

Felipe de Jesus, Higor Braga and Fábio Lúcio

Felipe de Jesus, Higor Braga and Fabio Lucio

According to the report, when the trio were faced with the option of dealing with the immigrant officers to fight their case, or jump on a return flight to Brazil, they chose the later.

Gabriel Jesus has since been left asking for Man City for help in the matter.

Gabriel Jesus: ‘I’ve been lonely’

This week Gabriel Jesus has spoken to Man City’s official website about how hard it’s been since his injury.

The youngster has clearly endured a tough time in England trying to regain his fitness:

At the beginning, it was hard. But after I got used to the situation, I convinced myself that all I could do was to recover in the best way possible – to come back well.

Of course, in the first few days, it was awful – extremely bad. I was bad. I am thankful that my family were here to help me. They were very important.

A lot of bad thoughts go through my mind, especially when it comes to the knee, which is a very sensitive area. I had never felt any pain before in my knees so I was very scared.

It was hard because you have to train alone, exercise alone and do everything alone with the physio so it isn’t great. It’s actually hard because you feel a bit solitary but on the other hand, it tests your willpower and determination so you can overcome the situation and come back even stronger.


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