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Free Yourself From Yesterday

Free Yourself From Yesterday

Free Yourself From Yesterday

Free yourself…

I know you had a yesterday that was sickening, full of pain, betrayal, anger and disappointment

You gave your heart to folks but they threw it away and broke it into tiny pieces. I can relate to that feeling, I can relate to the pain and anger in my own way. I can relate to the cage and prison you have built to shield yourself away from everyone, away from the sweetness of loving again, away from the likelihood of falling and crashing again.

It’s easy to coil into ourselves, to hide, to habor the experiences and dwell on them. It’s safer to close your heart to love and keep your sanity but it’s wiser to free yourself and fly like a bird.

When you build a barricaded around your heart, you scare away beautiful people and keep yourself in the chains of the past. You become a present being controlled by yesterday, controlled by actions lost in time and space.

It’s a new week,
Open your heart,
Break those walls,
Step out and unlock the chains from your wrists,
You’re a free bird,
Yesterday is defeated,
Drag in several breaths of fresh air through your lungs and taste the sweetness of the dancing oxygen,
Don’t hold yourself down,
Lose those twigs and dance in the rain,
You can’t be tamed.

Have a great week.

Written By  Victor Orji Ojemba


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