Home Sports Why Cristiano Ronaldo Hates Isco

Why Cristiano Ronaldo Hates Isco

Cristiano Ronaldo Hates Isco

Cristiano Ronaldo Hates Isco

Isco issues

Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly fuming with Isco according to reports in Spain, via the Mirror, because the creative star failed to thank Ronaldo quickly enough when he assisted the Spaniard.

Isco didn’t get over to Ronaldo quickly enough, and now the player who gets accused of failing to assist and care about other players on the field as much as he cares about his own personal form – but it seems that when he does assist, he expects to get thanked right away – despite automatically not doing so when it comes to his own teammates.

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While Ronaldo may not be upset about Isco – in the eyes of Ramos at least – it seems he is annoyed about the fact he isn’t scoring, and Karim Benzema is in a similarly bad mood.

That’s according to skipper Sergio Ramos, who thinks that the team are not worried about the lack of goals from their two star players – because they will come at some point.

The club need their star players to step up their game and fast, and Ronaldo has reportedly told his teammates not to worry because he thinks he will end the season top scorer in La Liga – but for now, things are not going his way.

“Cristiano goes home upset when he doesn’t score, but he does make a difference,” Ramos told Movistar Partidazo. “Cristiano and Karim [Benzema] will score goals soon enough.

“We do not worry if they have only scored a few goals because they both make a difference and what matters is winning.”




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