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Comedian AY Pens Sweet Letter To A Fan He Disappointed In Dubai, Gives Her Free VIP Ticket To His Movie


Comedian AY Pens Sweet Letter To A Fan He Disappointed In Dubai, Gives Her Free VIP Ticket To His Movie

Popular comedian and Nigerian Actor, Ayo Makun recently had a bitter banter with one of his Female fans who flew for over 39km to take a selfie with the Comedian.

Comedian AY Pens Sweet Letter To A Fan He Disappointed In Dubai

Apparently, AY is currently in Dubai for the Wedding party 2 movie shoot… and the Female Fan who is also Dubai asked for permission to gate crash the venue of their shoot, so they can take selfies together.

The Comedian agreed, and the female fan flew down to the venue of the shoot only to be met with disappointment.. AY had already left the venue.

The Female fan then took to her instagram to call out the comedian for disappointing her, even after he approved for her to come.

Then AY clapped back. he wrote;

“So in your wildest dream, I am supposed to wait all for selfie and leave the job that brought me to Dubai,” the actor fired back, adding, “Thanks for letting me know that I disappointed myself. Stay blessed.”

See the exchange below;

The exchange has many people scratching their heads, with many people pondering the rationale behind travelling over 30 kilometres just for a selfie.

“Everything for Nigerians na by force …. How many american celebs dey reply personally with their location … He replied and you still expect him to be waiting for you because it is your money that sponsors 51% of his AY Live event abi … Too many funny people from this our country,” Instagrammer @idreamincolourrs said.

Days later, AY took to Instagram to apologize to the lady, and made it known that his fans are important to him and that he does not take the relationship between him and his fans with levity.

He also revealed that the reason for his absence at the hotel was because he had to be in another location for the shoot of “The Wedding Party 2″.. He further disclosed that he thinks celebrities are easily judged by the public, noting that sometimes they may not be in the mood to be social.

He concluded by giving the Fan a VIP ticket to his new movie, “10 Days in Sun City” to be premiered later in June.

He wrote;

“Who am I not to be readily available for a selfie with you? I only felt bad about you passing judgement on me without knowing that I had to leave Armani Hotel in Dubai to be on another location for ‘The wedding Party 2’ shoot.

God willing when next I am in Dubai I will make the same miles you travelled to make it up to you and your friends. Kindly ignore all the negative comments about you being described as ‘jobless’ on the blog. I have come to realise that people will always talk about you, either for good or bad, what is important is the content of your heart.

I am fully committed to loyal and true fans like you. The more fans we have the more popular we become in the business. So I have every reason be as nice as possible to people like you who made us become what we are by attending our shows, seeing our movies and supporting all creative endeavours.

But lets also quit passing quick judgement on celebrities. We must also understand that sometimes celebrities have bad days and don’t feel like being social. Famous people are human too, and they’re not always in the best mood.

However, being congenial is pretty much part of our job, so we’ve got to at least avoid treating our fans terribly.

Trust me to improve on myself…. And if you are in Nigeria on June 17, I do have a VIP Invite for you to be at the premiere of 10 Days In Sun City. (Enough selfie with me and the bigger stars that will make your day). One Love!
Note: Those of you who think my number one fan is jobless… DM her for your Dubai Employment Visa (if una get work like her una go comment less).”


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