Home Sports Chelsea boss could leave club at any moment apparently

Chelsea boss could leave club at any moment apparently

Chelsea boss could leave club

Chelsea boss could leave club

Chelsea boss could leave clubFormer Liverpool player Steven Gerrard has claimed he thinks Chelsea boss Antonio Conte could well leave the club at any time – and that no matter what the result, the animated Italian always looks unhappy on the sidelines.

Conte has moaned a fair amount this season, about everything from his squad not being as good or as deep as he would like to the players failing to even mount a proper title defence – that was over before it even started apparently.

Now, Gerrard thinks that Conte has issues with the club behind the scenes, and it could well affect his long term future.

“I think he’ll get the support he wants or needs,” Gerrard said on BT Sport.

“If he’s saying to the people above that he needs two or three players then I’m sure they’ll deliver them for him.

“I just get the impression that at any given time he could just walk out.

“I don’t know why but he never seems totally happy to me.

“It was a great win tonight but he’s not smiling.

“It still seems there’s something behind the scenes that’s upsetting him. That’s the impression I get.”

Chelsea are sitting in the top four and of course Champions League places at the minute, but the club are aware that could change, and with Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and apparently Burnley all vying for a place in the top four this season, the race looks to be more interesting than ever.

Conte will also be aware his side have to focus on the Champions League knockout stages, with a very tough tie against Barcelona after the Blues failed to win their group, and should they crash out to Lionel Messi and co, it could well be the case that Conte does look for a way out of the club.



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