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If Buhari Is Alive, Let Him Show Himself, Ex-British lawmaker Joyce Tells FG


– Controversial ex-British lawmaker, Eric Joyce has said that the continued silence of President Muhammadu Buhari is a big copncern

– The former military officer says that Nigerians are not asking questions over their president’s health status is not acceptable

– Joyce says Nigerians must demand answers from the Federal Government

Eric Stuart Joyce has again stirred up controversy over the health of President Muhammadu Buhari, urging Nigerians to not go silent on the case.

The controversial Joyce, who insisted that Buhari is dead , has now challenged the Nigerian President to prove that he is still alive.

Writing on his website, he said: “Nigeria has an extremely capable acting president, of course, but if Mr Buhari is declared dead or permanently incapacitated then it will be the second time in succession that a Northern Muslim president has died and been replaced by his Southern Christian deputy.

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“This is a challenge in a country whose democracy is based upon a complex balance of different regional and religious interests.

“However, it is a challenge Nigeria is most certainly up to given the great success which was the peaceful handing over of power after the last election.

“And so, a top tip for Nigerians. Insist that, like most democracies, it is a strict requirement of being president that your people know exactly what your physical condition is at all times.

“This practice is not historically confined to democracies, of course. Kings of old were routinely watched in their bedchambers; Queens were watched as they gave birth to heirs. This was all to ensure that things were as they seemed.

Requiring a president to show he is capable of running his country, and is definitely not dead, is a simple and practical extension of this.”

NAIJ.com had earlier reported that the controversy stirred by Eric Joyce over the alleged death of President Muhammdu Buhari has continued to set social media agog.

Joyce took to social media a few days ago announcing that Nigeria’s president had passed on.

It must be noted that the news was strongly labelled as fake and Joyce got some bashing. However the ex-parliamentarian has stirred yet another controversy.

In the early hours of Monday, May 22, Joyce taunted Nigerians with a question regarding the president’s health status.

Nigeria’s First Lady, Dame Aisha Buhari has returned from London where she went to visit the president who is on a medical vacation.

The First Lady arrived Nigeria on Tuesday, June 6, Premium Times reports.

Mrs Buhari had on May 30 traveled to the UK to spend some time with the president.

On her arrival, Aisha thanked Nigerians for the faith in the presidency and the prayers of the people for her husband. She said the president is getting stronger by the day.

She told newsmen that the president will return to the country sooner than many expect.

According to a statement by Suleiman Haruna, her spokesperson, Mrs Buhari called on Nigerians to continue to be strong in the face of challenges.



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