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Kate Henshaw Insults Fani-Kayode Over Biafra Map Saga


Kate Henshaw Insults Fani-Kayode Over Biafra Map Saga

Nollywood screen goddess, Kate Henshaw, has released some bullets on former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode for attributing the Biafra map saga to her.

The actress was reacting to the statement on Biafra map saga abuzz on the social media, which Fani-Kayode credited to her.

A ‘map’, believed to be that of Biafra emanated from the social media account of the actress yesterday, depicting that all the south-south states as well as Benue and some parts of Igala community are part of the Biafra Republic.

Below is the alleged statement by Ms Kate Henshaw:

“I think the current generation of ‘Biafrans’ are the most funny people I have ever seen.

“How dare you sit in your home or offices and draw your Biafra map and include places like Rivers, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, etc as part of your empire?

“Did you consult them? Did you seek their opinions? You are forcing people to join a country whose commander in chief you have already anointed- Nnamdi Kanu; whose currency you have already decided- Biafra Pounds; whose official religion you have already adopted- Judaism; whose God you have already chosen- Chukwu Abiama?

Biafra Map Saga

“Do you not realize that you are doing to those people the same thing you accuse the British and Nigeria of doing to you? For carving my state into your ‘Biafra’ and renaming it without my permission and consultation, I have a moral duty to stand against you with everything I have.

“I am not standing against you because I do not want your freedom; I stand against you because I love mine too. I don’t stand against you because you don’t have a right to your country; I stand against you because I have the same right.

“I stand against you because your map is an insult to me and my freedom to choose where I belong. Be warned!”

Reacting to the post, Fani-Kayode said it was wrong for Kate Henshaw to come up with such map without seeking their consents. He added that since Ms. Henshaw had not come out to deny the report, she was being disingenuous and unduly hostile to Nnamdi Kanu and the concept and spirit of Biafra.

“She has made a point that appears to be valid but that point is based on a false premise. That premise is that the southern minorities would be compelled or obliged to be part of Biafra without their consent. This is false. It is not true.

“The truth is that each of the bordering ethnic nationalities, and even the Igbo themselves, must and will have their own referendum before going anywhere. It is entirely up to them what they do and where they go,” Fani wrote in an article he entitled, ‘Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra And Kate Henshaw’s False Premise.’

According to the ex-minister, “The Biafra originators are simply asking for their own country and for an affirmative referendum to give it legitimacy.

“No-one can be made to join Biafra against his or her will or by force. It appears to me that this is obvious.”

Angered by the false accusation, Kate Henshaw called out Femi Fani-Kayode, who wrote an article on the statement, mentioning the actress’ name instead of ‘Ken Henshaw’, the original writer.

According to Ms. Henshaw, FFK should have gotten his facts right or contacted her to verify. The veteran actress made it clear that she will insult anyone, who brought her name closer to the statement.

She wrote via her Twitter handle, “FFK I hear that your good self is writing a rejoinder to an article on Biafra credited to me. I am disappointed indeed!

“You at least know me even if by recognition and also know people who know me. Ken Henshaw is NOT Kate Henshaw.! At the very least sir, you should verify before writing emails and spreading it round. Thank you with regards.

“I will NOT hesitate to rain curses/abuses on anyone, friend or foe, who continues to credit THAT write up to me!! Get your facts right!!

“Trust and believe, I am not one to shy away from speaking my mind…Get SENSE and STOP crediting the Biafra statement making rounds to me!”


She wrote while posting the statement.

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