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Am Always Humble And I Don’t Pretend To Be Someone else – 2baba


 Ask anyone who knows the Nigerian music industry why they admire 2baba and apart from his music, they are bound to mention his humility

– The iconic musician is one person many in his line of work look up to

– His humility aids this a lot

Everyone knows Innocent Ujah Idibia, aka 2baba is a world renowned musician but most do not know that one ingredient that has helped him achieve superstar status is his humility.

2baba is one of very few musicians who always oblige fans when they want to take photos or have a quick chat. He does that because he knows that without these fans, he would not have reached where he is today.

2baba speaks on the advantages of being humble
2baba Idibia has spoken on why it pays to be humble

He revealed this much and other things in a recent interview he gave recently. “Humility is not an act or make-believe. It is who I am and what you see is what you get. I don’t need to ‘form’ for anybody. I believe in myself and I believe that anybody who truly likes me would accept me as I am. Anyway, it is even better to be true to yourself because it would save you a lot of headaches,” he told Punch.

Going further, he said his humility has fought a lot of battles for him.

“Sometimes, I read what some people write about me and I feel emotionally touched. Some people are ready to stake whatever they have to defend me; even if they don’t know whether I’m guilty or not. It’s not just about the music but maybe from the interactions they may have had with me. My humility has fought a lot of battles and I will always remain grateful to God and my fans.”


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