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Alessia Cara Hints About Her Sophomore Album


Alessia Cara‘s debut album, Know-It-All, is still one of our favorite albums to date.

Now, the Best New Artist Grammy nomineeopened up to EW about the next album, and how she’s not trying to have every song be a message about something.

“I don’t know if every song is going to be like that, just because that would be very heavy,” she shared with the magazine. “But I’ve been writing new music, and it’s almost done, and I have a bunch of songs that keep those topics in mind.”

Alessia adds, “When you make your first album, you’re not sure who is going to listen, but now I’m aware that I have a platform. I’m always going to offer an escape or some sort of light for people. I’m trying to do all of that on this album.”

Even if not every song has a clear message, she still wants them all to have meaning to who she is and what her fans relate to.

“For a while, pop music was really stagnant. There was a moment where it felt like everyone wanted fluff and they didn’t want a message,” Alessia says. “I know there are people who still don’t, but there has been a new wave of music that has meaning. It’s a good time to be positive and help each other.”


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