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Album: FBG Wookie – The Beginning


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FBG Wookie & Future – All My Dogs Kings

1.The Beginning (Prod By PyrexTurnMeUp)
2.Thot Life Remix Feat Young Thug (Prod By Spiffy Global / BeatMonsters)
3.All My Dogs Kings Feat Future (Prod By ATL Jacob)
4.Playa Hating (Prod By ATL Jacob)
5.Devotion Feat Future (Prod By 808 Mafia)
6.All In My Feelings (Prod By ATL Jacob)
7.Gon Get Back (Prod By IllyOnTheBeat)
8.F*ck Up Shit (Prod By iLLyOnTheBeat)
9.Brother Love (Prod By iLLyOnTheBeat)
10.Haunting For U (Prod By iLLyOnTheBeat)
11.Spend It Feat Guap Tarantino (Prod By ATL Jacob)
12.Dat Molly (Prod By Zayban)
13.33rd Scrap -Wrong Choice Feat FBG Wookie (Prod By 33rd Scrap / KWD) [Bonus]
14.Dibiase – Nothing Else Bonus.



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