Home Entertainment 50 Cent Mocks Rick Ross Again

50 Cent Mocks Rick Ross Again


50 Cent Mocks Rick Ross Again

While Rick Ross’ peers are praying for him, 50 Cent continues to mock his longtime rival, despite his recent health scare.

On Saturday (March 3), the G-Unit mogul published a photo of actor Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago in 1985’s Rocky IV. The character’s famous lines from the film, “If he dies, he dies,” came as Apollo Creed (played by Carl Weathers) died as a result of their fight.

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While some fans laughed or joked about the post, others showed concern, believing that this was aimed at 50’s nemesis, who was hospitalized on Friday (March 2). “This is low man,” said one commenter. “Your beef ain’t even real you sukka. Ross bossed you and you can’t even show concern for a fellow artist. You a punk.” Another added: “Wow, I’m all for a little rivalry, but that is harsh.”


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