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10 Reasons Short Ladies Make The Best Girlfriends


Short girlfriends are amazing!

You know how they say, great things come in small packages? It’s especially true for short women. Here are 10 reasons why you should date

1. They can be carried anytime 

Short girls are usually petite and easy to lift anytime. Perfect! You can lift her up and carry her to the bedroom when she falls asleep.


2. Cuddling them is amazing

Snuggling with a short girl is the best because they just fit into your arms so perfectly.


3. Everything they do is adorable

Short girls manage to look adorable every single time.

4. They look cute when they wear their boyfriend’s clothes

Short girls always look so damn cute in their boyfriend’s sweaters and hoodies.

how to wear a chunky sweater
Image: Seventeen.com

5. They make perfect arm rests

6. It’s always funny when they yell and threaten to hit you

Image: theregister.co.uk

7. Her arms around your waist every time you hug her is the best feeling ever

couple hugging
Image: dailypicsupdate.com

8. When she wants to kiss you, she has to tiptoe. So cute!

Saif and Sonakshi

9. She literally always looks the same age

Image: naibuzz.com

10. Even though she’s tiny, her energy and confidence is incredible!

Flip Weave GIF


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